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  Subject   : Brand new Micro processing laser system
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Brand new 'μ-LAB' Systems.


We have newly launched the Fiber Laser Type microscopic processing tool μ-LAB

 which offers up to 40mm processing per second for 4 inch wafer.


μ-LAB featured with enhanced space utility so that it can be utilized in a compact space

and can process an operation by PC or other supplementary operations, which process

as accurate as up to 2 μm. With its ease operation and its pleasant use without any

hazardous gas, it can be applied in a various processing work such as procession work

for semiconductor silicon wafer, in Solar Cell ITO patterning and Metal layer removing

and Polyamide marking & removing.


Visit our home page http://www. Kortherm.co.kr And feel free to mail us or leave

any message about μ-LAB.


We are looking forwards to your enquiry.



Sales Manager   Hongshik Yoon


TEL : +82 32 623 6320 ~4

FAX : +82 32 623 6325

Mail : hsyoon@kortherm.co.kr